AS15600 is the ASN used by the Quickline Group to provide connectivity for the Quickline customers consisting of about 400.000 households in Switzerland.

Peering Details

ASNAS15600 (PeeringDB, RIPE Stat)
ConnectivityIPv4 + IPv6: DOCSIS, FTTH, xDSL, MPLS

Peering Locations

AS15600 is present at the following locations:

Next to various private peering facilities in Switzerland.

Peering Policy

Selective (mutually beneficial). Contact us for the exact details.

BGP Communities

Contact us for the exact details.

Recursive DNS for Customers

Accesible only from Quickline connections, thus customers only.

IPv4212.60.61.246 +
IPv62001:1a88:10:ffff::1 + 2001:1a88:10:ffff::2
ProtocolsDNS (UDP/TCP port 53), DNS-over-HTTP (DoH) @, DNS-over-TLS (DoT) @


Only authenticated email is available.


More details Anleitungen: Quickline E-mail.


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