AS15600 is the ASN used by the Quickline Group to provide connectivity for the Quickline customers spread out over 24 partners consisting of about 400.000 households in Switzerland.

This page contains technical details. Consumer and product information can be found on

Peering Details

ASNAS15600 (PeeringDB, RIPE Stat)
ConnectivityIPv4 + IPv6: Dark Fiber, DOCSIS, FTTH, xDSL, MPLS
AS-SETAS-FINECOM (backbone devices),, (DNS),,, etc.

Sidenote: Finecom Communications is the old name of the company before the product name (quickline) became the company name. The ASN entry and various other locations still carry the old company name.

Peering Locations

AS15600 is present at the following locations:

Next to various private peering facilities in Switzerland.

Peering Policy

Selective (mutually beneficial). Contact us at the above addresses for the exact details.

BGP Communities

Contact us for the exact details.

Recursive DNS for Customers

Accessible only from Quickline prefixes, thus AS15600 customers only.

IPv4212.60.61.246 +
IPv62001:1a88:10:ffff::1 + 2001:1a88:10:ffff::2
ProtocolShortnameRFCIP-Protocol PortsHostnameComments
DNS-over-TLSDoTRFC7858TCP 853dot.quickline.chAndroid 9+ will use this automatically
DNS-over-HTTPDoHRFC8484TCP, Chrome DoH Inclusion Request Ticket

Resolver Restrictions

Note that due to Swiss law, we are blocking certain domains/hostnames. The blocked domains are sourced from:

Additionally we are blocking, voluntarily, malvertised domains to protect our customers from Internet badness.

Not using our DNS recursor bypasses these blocks, customers can freely reconfigure their devices. Technically we are using RPZ. Our systems do not log or otherwise store queries. The host gets redirected to when being blocked for the Geldspielgesetz (BGS) does not log either. We suggest using HTTPS, as we do not have the proper SSL certificate for other hosts and your browser will then warn about the SSL certificate.

Technical Details

We host a AS112 (RFC7534) node on our authoritive platform, used by our recursive servers. (dig txt +short +norec reveals when that is used.

Please also see presentations given at SwiNOG for technical details and background.


Only authenticated email is available, thus a username + password is required.


Also available through Webmail. More details Anleitungen: Quickline E-mail.

Terms of Service

Please see the Quickline AGB.

Privacy Policy

Except for debugging/operational purposes we retain only a minimal amount of logs.


Know why DF bits are set in IP? Love to work with Open Source? Can you argue why to use Emacs over Vi? Then don't hesitate to check out the Quickline Jobs page and/or ask HR for the Systems and Networks teams.